yandex | AI Chatbot for Customer Service in Indonesia
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April 18, 2024


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Revolutionizing customer service in Indonesia with its AI-powered Chatbot.

What is is an AI Chatbot that improves customer service experiences for businesses. This tool is made to communicate in Bahasa Indonesia with ease. This ensures a fast and precise response to customer inquiries.

The main solution offered by this tool is Chat Automation. This opens up a new channel for businesses to connect with customers through chat. The Chatbot has a deep understanding of Bahasa Indonesia and provides accurate responses. This tool helps provide an efficient and satisfying customer experience.

The second solution is Data Integration. It integrates business automation with WhatsApp, LINE, and Telegram. This integration supports various payment and shipping methods.

Customer Insights allows businesses to analyze the performance of the automation system. The AI-Language Data Model Classification provides valuable insights into customer behavior. It helps companies to understand their customers better and identify areas for improvement. This analysis helps uncover the full potential for improving the customer service experience.

Human Operation is an omnichannel platform for customer support teams. This focuses on giving the best experience to customers. It provides a hybrid BOT-human interaction approach. focuses on increasing customer satisfaction. It offers tools that provide valuable insights for improvement. The tool offers a 24/7 service. It integrates with popular messaging platforms. It helps businesses improve their customer service and delivers an amazing chat experience.

Key Features

  • AI Chatbot:

    It handles common questions and customer needs.

  • Customer Service Chatbot:

    Customers can get 24/7 support across messaging platforms.

  • Support Chatbot:

    Creates a hybrid chat experience that increases support and boosts customer satisfaction.

  • Data Integration:

    It integrates with popular Indonesian apps and services and logistics providers.

  • Customer Insights:

    The tool analyzes chatbot interactions to uncover valuable customer insights.

Pricing table :

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