Automaited: Automates Tasks and Boost Productivity
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April 24, 2024


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What is Automaited?

Automaited simplifies tasks and improves productivity for teams across various industries. It automates repetitive tasks and frees up valuable time and resources. This allows teams to focus on more strategic initiatives.

This tool can ease data transfer between applications. Users can move data in the appropriate format with one click. This ends the need for manual switching and reduces the likelihood of copy-paste errors. This is useful for creating lead lists from LinkedIn. It also generates Jira tickets from emails and transfers data from spreadsheets to ERP systems.

The platform also offers advanced text generation capabilities. It creates personalized content based on used templates or even generates new text. This feature enables users to compose customized emails. It converts bullet point notes into coherent emails and generates personalized reference letters.

Automaited also simplifies the process of comparing text or data. This ensures accuracy and efficiency in tasks such as comparing invoices and financials. It checks for critical changes in contracts and identifies key differences in financial data. This tool also automates these comparison processes. It helps users save time and reduce the risk of errors.

The platform offers functionality to summarize content. This allows users to extract key insights and information from various sources. The tool simplifies information processing and decision-making. It helps summarize and categorize customer complaints. It also shortens meeting minutes and reduces employee questions.

Automaited can read data from different sources. It can integrate relevant information into automation workflows in real time. This tool provides access to real-time data and the latest news from preferred accounts. This information can help users make informed decisions and perform tasks efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Data Transfer:

    Move data between applications in the correct format with a single click.

  • Data Comparison:

    Compare text or data to ensure accuracy and detect critical changes in documents like contracts and financials.

  • Data Modification:

    The AI assistant can modify or enrich data, ensuring processes are not difficult or error-prone.

  • Data Extraction:

    The tool can fetch information from various sources, such as email addresses and news updates.

  • System Navigation:

    The tool enables seamless navigation in any IT system or website.

  • Integrations:

    It integrates with various systems like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, Zendesk, Google Sheets, and Sage.

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