Pebblely | Transform Your Product Visuals with Pebblely's Effortless AI-Powered Image Generation.
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April 19, 2024


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Elevate Your Visuals Effortlessly with Pebblely’s AI-Powered Image Generation

What is Pebblely?

Pebblely simplifies generating high-quality product photos tailored to your brand’s aesthetics. This tool has an intuitive interface and powerful AI abilities. It enables users to create stunning images in seconds. This improves their marketing efforts across various channels.

The platform offers a seamless process for generating product photos. Users can start by uploading a regular picture, and it removes the background. This provides a clean canvas for customization. It has 20 default themes and the option to specify custom preferences. Users can create Instagram-worthy photos that resonate with their brand identity.

This tool can generate many product photos in various settings. This caters to different occasions and marketing channels. Users can resize and extend images to any size. This ensures consistency across their website, email campaigns, and social media platforms. The tool can generate multiple marketing assets from a single image. It helps businesses grab shoppers’ attention and maintain engagement.

It is not only as an AI image generator but also as a comprehensive design tool. Users can add many products to their images, edit generated images with AI, and even generate AI fashion models for apparel products. This feature is particularly beneficial for fashion brands. It allows them to create on-model lifestyle photos.

Pebblely Fashion is a specialized component of the platform. It focuses on generating AI fashion models tailored to users’ brand specifications. Users can describe models and backgrounds that help create accurate product representations. It improves their online presence and drives sales.

This tool offers unlimited models and backgrounds. This enables users to create diverse marketing materials with ease. The platform supports bulk photo generation for multiple products. It streamlines workflow processes and boosts productivity for businesses of all sizes.

Key Features

  • Background Removal:

    Remove distracting backgrounds from your product photos for a clean and professional look.

  • Lighting Control:

    Optimize lighting throughout your image, highlighting product details and creating an appealing result.

  • Style Variations:

    Choose from a variety of pre-designed layouts and artistic styles to match your brand aesthetic and target audience.

  • Batch Generation:

    Generate variations of your product images with different backgrounds, styles, and angles.

  • Image Resizing:

    Resize your generated images to fit various online platforms and marketing materials.

  • Image-to-Image:

    Upload a reference image to apply its style to your product photos.

  • Brand Color Palette:

    Integrate your brand colors into generated images for a cohesive and recognizable look.

  • Custom Layouts:

    Create your own custom layouts with specific positioning and arrangement of your product.

  • Text and Overlays:

    Add text descriptions, logos, or other overlays to your images for further branding and information.

  • API Integration:

    Develop custom integrations with its API for advanced automation and control.

  • Product Photography:

    Generate lifestyle images with your product placed in kitchens, offices, or outdoor settings.

  • Theme Library:

    Access pre-designed themes with seasonal backgrounds, color palettes, and layouts.

  • Image Editing:

    Fine-tune image brightness, contrast, and sharpness for optimal visual impact.

  • Fashion Model Generation:

    Generate fashion models with different poses and variations for product display or storytelling.

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Standard $19/mo $179/year
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