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May 2, 2024


CrawlQ Feature Image
Transforms market research, offering actionable insights with Athena’s emotion and behavior analysis technology.

What is CrawlQ?

CrawlQ is a market research tool that offers actionable insights through its standout feature, Athena. This tool uses technology to understand people’s emotions and behavior better. It helps businesses improve their marketing methods and product launches.

The tool simplifies research with AI audience analysis and removes manual data collection. It focuses on quality and delivers clear insights for risk reduction and informed decision-making. It helps sales and marketing teams with their workflows.

The tool has open-ended analysis, educational insights, and the power to tap into new market potential. CrawlQ’s roadmap focuses on automation, data handling, and qualitative improvements. It promises a future where market research becomes more insightful. It provides improved brand personality support and integration with YouTube and Trello.

Key Features

  • AI Assistant:Computational MRX and predictive analytics for in-depth psychographic profiling.
  • Market Research:Audience research in a single click, eliminating manual data collection.
  • Behavioral Insights:It finds hidden insights about audience demographics, preferences, and behaviors.
  • Audience Research:Offers AI audience research in a single click, eliminating the need for manual data collection and analysis.
  • Data Handling:Its swift analysis of extensive documentation saves valuable time.
  • Analysis & Interpretation:It aims for a clean separation between analysis and interpretation for focused and precise research.
  • Image & Video Analysis:It uses computer vision for detailed interpretations of visuals.
  • Authority Mapping:It identifies topics where a brand can establish authority, enhancing credibility.
  • Interactive Chat:It supports PDF, CSV, Excel, and JSON formats for detailed data sharing.
  • YouTube Integration:Athena now analyzes YouTube data for valuable insights in content marketing.
  • Trello Integration:Athena integrated with Trello for streamlined workflow management.
  • Content Generation:It enables the creation of brand authority content in minutes, not days, post-onboarding.
Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Agency $499/mo $4,990/year
Growth $149/mo $1,490/year
Startup $99/mo $990/year
Solo $49/mo $490/year

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Transforms market research, offering actionable insights with Athena’s emotion and behavior analysis technology.

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