Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Excel Formula Generation:
    Effortlessly generate Excel formulas from plain text input.
  • Formula Explanations:
    Provide clear explanations for every generated formula, making them easy to understand and use.
  • VBA Formula Generation:
    Instantly generate VBA formulas to automate tasks.
  • Slack Integration:
    Boost team productivity with Slack integration, facilitating collaborative formula generation.


Excelly-AI is a tool that effortlessly generates Excel formulas from plain text. It works seamlessly with both Excel and Google Sheets. All you have to do is type in the formula you want to generate. The tool provides an explanation for every formula that it generates, making it easy to understand and use. It can also convert any Excel formula into a Google Sheet formula and vice versa, making it a versatile tool for any user. Additionally, VBA formulas can be generated instantly. You can even upload your own *.xlsx files and generate formulas based on your spreadsheets. Excelly-AI offers Slack integration to enhance team productivity. Even if you don’t use Slack, you can still use Excelly-AI directly in your browser.


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