Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Short Links:
    Allows users to create memorable short links to access resources and information. 
  • Collaboration:
    Teams can find and share resources, promoting efficient collaboration. 
  • Comprehensive Dashboard:
    The dashboard provides a centralized hub for managing golinks. 
  • Browser Extension:
    Offers a browser extension that allows users to create golinks from webpages. 
  • Tagging for Organization:
    This feature allows for easy filtering and searching of relevant resources, enhancing discoverability.
  • Browser Integration:
    Compatible with major web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, and Brave.
  • Slack Integration:
    The Slack bot provides click-through links to the associated resource, simplifying communication.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO):
    Supports various SSO solutions, such as G Suite, OneLogin, OKTA, and custom SAML integrations.
  • Data Security:
    It prioritizes reliability and data security for all users.


GoLinks simplifies information sharing and improves productivity for teams. It helps users to create and share memorable short links called “golinks.” These links help fast access resources and knowledge discovery.

Teams can find and share resources using golinks, making collaboration more efficient. The Slack integration lets users ask questions and receive help and AI-generated answers.

It supports integration with a wide range of workplace apps. This ensures uninterrupted workflow and collaboration. It also provides valuable insights for better team management and knowledge clarity.

This enterprise-ready solution prioritizes security and offers a single sign-on feature. It also provides multiple domain support, data migration, and compliance with privacy regulations. 

GoLinks simplifies information sharing in chats, tools, and real-life conversations. This makes it essential for teams aiming to boost efficiency and productivity.


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