Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • ChatGPT-Powered Mac Applications:
    Leverage ChatGPT templates seamlessly across various Mac applications for enhanced efficiency.
  • Templates:
    Create customized templates to automate common actions like correct grammar, summarize text, refactor code, etc. 
  • API Integration:
    Integrates smoothly with your existing applications, allowing you to access ChatGPT capabilities without workflow interruptions.


Palettebrain is an AI tool that allows you to use ChatGPT templates across Mac applications. This tool is designed to streamline your workflow, making you more efficient. With Palettebrain, you can write better, code faster, and get solutions to your queries with ease. You simply need to copy the text and fire the tool. It even lets you create personalized templates that can automate tasks such as grammar checks, summarizing text, and more. This feature saves you valuable time and ensures you can focus on more important tasks.

Moreover, Palettebrain integrates with your apps, allowing you to use ChatGPT capabilities without disrupting your existing workflow. You will need an OpenAI API key and a PaletteBrain license key to use this platform.


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