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Key Features:

  • Visualization & Mind Maps:
    Slatebox allows users to create editable visualizations using natural language prompts. You can describe what you need, and the AI assistant will generate visualizations accordingly.
  • Collaboration:
    Slatebox supports real-time collaboration, enabling teams to work together on multi-cursor canvases. 
  • Integration:
    Slatebox can be integrated with popular platforms like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and GitHub. 
  • Template Library:
    Slatebox offers an extensive library of templates and themes. You can easily change the look and feel of your visualizations, ensuring they match your preferences or branding.
  • Smart Color Picking:
    Customize your color palette effortlessly with smart color picking. This feature simplifies the process of creating visually appealing visualizations.
  • Wireframing and Idea Iteration:
    Slatebox provides drag-and-drop functionality, making it easy to wireframe apps and iterate on ideas efficiently.


Slatebox is an AI tool that allows you to create editable visualizations using natural language prompts. It offers a range of activities such as mind mapping and brainstorming, kanban boards, retrospectives, daily standups, design sessions, and more. This platform also provides real-time collaboration features, allowing you to work with your team on multi-cursor canvases. With its auto-populate feature, you can easily generate diagrams and visuals and choose from 100+ templates. All you need to do is provide a URL or a text prompt, and the AI assistant will produce sticky notes and populate your visualizations accordingly. It is a user-friendly tool with a simple click, change, and repeat approach. 

Slatebox can be integrated with various platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, and GitHub, making it easy to streamline your workflow. Additionally, it provides magic links that make sharing your visualization with your colleagues seamless. 

It offers an extensive library of templates and themes, giving you the ability to change the look of your visualizations effortlessly. It also offers smart color picking for easy customization of your color palette. You can even capture snapshots of your slates and revert to previous versions whenever you need to.

With Slatebox, you can wireframe apps and iterate ideas efficiently through drag-and-drop functionality.


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