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Key Features:

  • ChatGPT Access:
    Yack is a macOS application that offers easy access to ChatGPT directly from your menu bar.
  • Privacy-Focused:
    Yack prioritizes user privacy by not storing data on external servers. All information is stored locally on your device, ensuring data confidentiality.
  • Customization:
    Users can personalize their Yack experience by choosing from multiple themes, including Light, Dark, and Colorful, to match their preferences.
  • Keyboard-First Design:
    Yack’s keyboard-first design ensures efficient interaction, allowing users to navigate and interact without needing a mouse.
  • Markdown Support:
    Supports Markdown, making it easy for users to format text with features such as bullets, numbered lists, code blocks, and tables.


Yack is a macOS application that allows you to access ChatGPT easily. It appears on your menu bar and provides a fast and user-friendly experience. Yack does not store your data on external servers, it only stores everything locally on your device to ensure your privacy. You can customize it by choosing one of its multiple themes (Light, Dark, and Colorful) to suit your preferences. Yack is designed to prioritize speed and efficiency, which is why it has a keyboard-first design that allows for easy interaction without the need for a mouse. Additionally, Yack fully supports Markdown, making it easy to format your text with bullets, numbered lists, code blocks, and tables. 

Yack streamlines the ChatGPT experience by making it more accessible, private, and tailored to your preferences. The tool is constantly evolving and adding new features to improve its functionality.


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