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June 10, 2024

Ad Auris

Elevate your content and transform the written text into captivating audio.

What is Ad Auris?

Ad Auris transforms written content into captivating audio. It enables users to reach their audience in new ways and share their content across several channels. Users can distribute their content to many platforms.

The tool offers tailored solutions for various user groups. This includes editorial publications, content marketers, and enterprises. Editorial publications can improve audience engagement by providing captivating audio versions of their articles.

Content marketers can repurpose existing assets, such as blog posts and case studies, into engaging podcasts. Enterprises can integrate audio abilities into their existing platforms, improving their business offerings.

Ad Auris improves user experience and drives engagement. Users can choose from over 50 premium voices in various languages and dialects.

A wide range of users can access their information thanks to the tool. The customizable audio player allows users to match the color of the player to their branding. This maintains a consistent brand identity across channels.

AI scripting drafts an audio-first script based on the written content. The user can review and customize it as needed. This easy process saves time and effort while ensuring the resulting audio is engaging and high-quality.

This tool offers distribution to podcast platforms. It allows users to grow their audience by publishing their existing content to podcast platforms. Users can also access detailed analytics to gain insights into audience behavior.

Ad Auris integrates customer input into the process of developing new products. It guarantees that every stage of the content transformation process is satisfied by its platform and adds value for users.

Key Features

  • Text-to-Speech:

    It changes written content into captivating audio.

  • Multi-Channel Distribution:

    Distribute audio content to multiple platforms to reach a wider audience.

  • AI Voices:

    Access over 50 premium voices in various languages and dialects to cater to diverse audiences.

  • Audio Player:

    Match the color of the audio player to branding for a consistent brand identity.

  • Script Generation:

    AI drafts an audio-first script based on written content, saving time and ensuring high-quality audio.

  • Analytics:

    Gain insights into audience behavior with detailed analytics to drive meaningful changes to key performance indicators.

Plans Monthly Annually
Standard $30/mo $275/mo
Premium $25/mo $200/mo

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