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May 2, 2024



What is Descript?

Descript is your all-in-one solution for podcast creation, freeing creators from the technical hassles of audio and video editing. You can channel your energy into crafting exceptional content while the platform takes care of the rest.

This tool redefines podcast editing by offering a seamless fusion of text and audio editing. No experience is required; you simply edit audio by editing text.

It has many amazing features and functionality. Overdub fixes mistakes by typing what you wish you said. Create an AI clone of your voice and seamlessly add words to your audio by typing.

The Filler Word Removal makes you sound smarter by removing ums, uhs, likes, you knows, and repeated words with a single click. This instantly reduces the length of your podcast by up to 10%.

Studio Sound feature helps you achieve studio-quality sound effortlessly, even if you’re a beginner or lack fancy equipment. Descript offers noise removal, speech enhancement, and one-click sound effects.

This tool is perfect for podcast creators. It helps them focus on crafting exceptional content without the hassle of complex editing.

Key Features:

  • Speech-to-TextIt transcribes your audio and video recordings, making it easy to edit and search your content.
  • Audio EditingTransform and enhance audio content with a complete toolset.
  • Video EditingIts video editing interface is similar to a document editor, making it easy to cut, copy, and paste clips.
  • Podcast EditingIt is a great tool for podcast editing, with features like multitrack editing, noise reduction, and silence removal.
  • Text-to-SpeechConvert text to speech using a variety of AI voices.
  • Background Noise RemoverRemove background noise and improve the audio quality of your recordings.
  • AI VoiceoverRecord new audio over your existing recordings.
  • Screen RecordingRecord your screen and webcam simultaneously.
  • IntegrationsIt integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Slack.
  • Voice CloningCreate a realistic AI voice clone of yourself with different accents and styles.
  • Green Screen EffectRemove your video background in one click and replace it with any image or video.
  • Clip CreationCreate short, shareable video clips from any part of your recordings.
  • PublishingPublish your edited videos and podcasts to major platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.
Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard $15/mo
Premium $30/mo
Enterprise Custom
Custom $12/year
Custom $24/year

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