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April 5, 2024


Empower your podcast journey with Podcastle—a creative haven with AI prowess.

What is Podcastle?

Podcastle is an AI-based podcasting platform. It helps creators of all backgrounds and experience levels. The tool has intuitive, AI-powered podcasting software. It offers features that ease the creation, editing, and publishing of professional-quality podcasts and videos.

The tool offers local recording for up to 10 participants on separate tracks for uncompressed WAV audio and 4K video. It also provides an intuitive audio workstation. This comes with AI noise removal, equalization, text editing, and a royalty-free music library.

This tool offers a powerful Video Editor. You can create engaging videos with custom branding tools, unique layouts, lower thirds, and clip highlights. The tool also allows you to create an entire podcast in seconds by using vibrant AI voices. You can clone your own voice and generate a podcast by simply typing in the script.

Podcastle allows you to host their content with a dedicated Podcastle page. You can also publish your episodes across all major podcast networks.

For collaborative projects, Podcastle also offers “Podcastle for Teams,”. This allows for collaborative design and advanced audio editing. The tool provides a range of resources. This includes a blog with guides and articles on podcasting, video podcasting, and more.

Key Features:

  • Podcast Generation

    Record with up to 10 friends separately for clear audio and 4K video, even if the internet acts up.

  • Audio Editing

    Edit your audio easily with AI noise removal, equalization, text editing, and a library of free music.

  • Video Editing

    Create engaging videos with branding tools, unique layouts, lower thirds, and highlights for social media.

  • AI Voices

    Type your script, and the AI turns it into a podcast with vibrant voices or even your own cloned voice.

  • Hosting Hub

    Host your content on a special Podcastle page and share your episodes on all the big podcast platforms.

  • Video Recording

    Record audio and video with up to 4K resolution, ideal for video podcasts or repurposing.

  • Silence Removal

    Remove dead air effortlessly with a single click.

  • Royalty-Free Music

    Access a vast royalty-free music and sound effects library to add polish to your podcast.

  • Automatic Episode Scheduling

    Schedule your podcast episodes to publish at specific dates and times.

  • Voice Generation

    Create entire podcast episodes using realistic AI voices, even cloning your own for automated intros or outros.

  • Speech-to-Text

    Get automatic transcripts of your podcast episodes for accessibility and search optimization.

  • AI Voiceovers

    Create voiceovers using an AI copy of your natural voice tone and pronunciation.

  • Text-to-Speech

    Generate high-quality audio from text using realistic AI voices.

  • Collaboration

    Work together on projects with easy collaboration and advanced audio editing powered by AI.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard Free
Premium $3/mo
Enterprise $8/mo
Custom Free
Custom $3/mo
Custom $8/mo

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