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April 24, 2024


Paid plans
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Your AI-driven partner for turning business dreams into reality.

What is Spective?

Spective uses AI to help entrepreneurs. The platform guides users through conversations about their business ideas. Users receive questions that prompt them to consider different aspects of their vision. This tool helps reshape perspectives and reveal new opportunities.

Its AI analyzes business ideas and collaborates with business coaches to provide quality advice. Users receive detailed evaluations and tangible business planning tools. The tools include SWOT analysis, pitch outlines, idea evaluation, roadmaps, and assumption testing plans.

The platform provides an inspiring chat session led by AI. It explores users’ visions and strategies with challenging questions and inspiring suggestions. It aims to understand each user’s unique situation. Users receive AI-generated pitch decks and elevator pitches. These include voice-over scripts and strategies designed to help them pitch with confidence.

Spective has a 360° evaluation feature. It helps users understand the potential and risks of their ideas. The platform analyzes the concept from multiple perspectives. This provides a comprehensive understanding of its viability.

The tool offers users with a customized roadmap to achieve their goals. The roadmap includes actionable steps, tasks, tips, and success criteria. These help users put in place their plans.

Spective empowers entrepreneurs using AI technology. It provides valuable insights and guidance for business planning. Users get AI-driven analysis, expert advice, and practical tools. It also equips users with the resources they need to realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

Key Features

  • Pitch Generation:

    The tool generates a compelling pitch deck to present your business idea to investors or potential partners.

  • Business Analysis:

    Users receive a comprehensive evaluation of your business plan, including a SWOT analysis.

  • Idea Validation:

    It helps you validate your business idea by identifying risky assumptions.

Pricing table

Plans Monthly Cost
Standard ₹1,350
Premium ₹5,400
Premium Plus $200/mo

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