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April 25, 2024


Paid plans
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Your AI mate for instant knowledge access in Slack and connecting the dots in Confluence effortlessly.

What is PageWise?

PageWise simplifies and improves knowledge management within organizations by integrating Confluence data into Slack. The tool transforms tedious searches and repetitive inquiries into intuitive AI-powered conversations.

Users can set up AI integration in minutes, connecting their Slack and Confluence accounts without needing technical expertise. This effortless integration ensures that teams can access relevant information with ease.

PageWise removes the need to sift through numerous Confluence pages by bringing the data directly into the Slack workspace. It simplifies information retrieval processes and saves users time and effort.

PageWise AI reduces the burden of answering repetitive questions by providing instant responses based on the organization’s knowledge base. This allows teams to redirect their focus towards more critical tasks, increasing overall productivity and efficiency.

The tool enables users to uncover insights and connections within their Confluence pages, helping teams better understand their organizational knowledge and make more informed decisions.

PageWise facilitates clearer and more efficient team communication by allowing users to easily reference relevant information during discussions. This platform encourages collaborative problem-solving and knowledge sharing among team members.

PageWise scales with organizations as they grow, ensuring consistent access to information and adapting to changing business needs. The tool supports continuous growth and development, whether for a startup or an enterprise.

Key Features

  • Integration:Set up PageWise AI in minutes for seamless Slack and Confluence integration.
  • Data Retrieval:Brings Confluence data into Slack, eliminating page searches.
  • Reduced Repetitive Queries:Reduces time spent on repetitive queries, enhancing team focus.
  • Enhanced Communication:Facilitates clearer and more efficient team communication.

Pricing table

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard $69/mo $703/year
Premium $179/mo $1,825/year
Premium Plus $599/mo $6,109/year

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