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April 24, 2024


Free + Paid Plans
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Where videos meet AI to sweeten your hiring decisions.

What is Candydate?

Candydate uses video and artificial intelligence to ease smarter hiring decisions. It focuses on simplicity and efficiency. This tool offers employers an easy way to discover and assess talent, regardless of their recruitment channels.

The tool uses short videos and AI to help employers assess candidates. It allows candidates to showcase their skills, speech, body language, and personal traits. Employers can assess not only qualifications but also cultural fit within the organization.

Its AI compares and ranks candidates based on role requirements, employment details, and company culture. The tool analyzes speech patterns, body language, and other non-verbal cues. It helps employers identify the right personality fit for their teams and missions.

Candydate’s interface is user-friendly and has AI-assisted features that simplify recruitment. It helps employers make informed hiring decisions, ranks candidates, and analyzes video transcriptions. It provides deep insights into candidate profiles and empowers employers. They can manage the hiring process efficiently and with confidence.

This tool is easy to use and accessible. Job seekers can apply using their own devices. They can record short video pitches to enhance engagement. Employers can add QR codes or short links to job ads. This allows for effortless applications from various channels.

Candydate has collaboration and real-time tracking features. Employers can involve clients or external stakeholders in the hiring process. They can track vacancy conversions, page statistics, and external ad performance in real time. The platform enables easy communication with candidates. Employers can request follow-up videos and gain deeper insights into candidate suitability.

Key Features:

  • Pitch Generation:

    Generate presentations 10x faster with AI, supporting 182 languages.

  • Autopilot:

    Automatically screen resumes and cover letters based on pre-defined criteria.

  • Recruitment:

    Automate offer generation and negotiation, streamlining the final stages of recruitment.

  • AI Assistant:

    Use AI to search for and identify potential candidates across various platforms and databases.

  • Flexible Application Platform:

    QR codes or short links facilitate applications from anywhere.

  • Pitch Generation:

    Jobseekers apply with short video pitches using personal devices.

  • Application Handling:

    Applications get confirmed, analyzed, and ranked automatically.

  • Job Offers:

    Directly sends job offers to leading job platforms.

  • Collaboration:

    Invites clients or team members for collaborative candidate evaluation.

  • Live Stats Monitoring:

    Real-time tracking of vacancy conversions and page stats.

  • Decision-Making:

    Automatically shortlists or drops applications based on consensus.

  • Video Interviews:

    Top prospects pitch live on video for selective interviews.

  • AI Analysis:

    Analyzes video submissions, considering factors like speech, body language, personality traits, and cultural fit.

Plans Monthly Cost
Professional $99/mo

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