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April 24, 2024

Be my eyes


What is Be My Eyes?

Be My Eyes provides Be My AI, a new feature powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4. It offers AI-powered visual assistance for instant image-to-text conversion. Users can receive help with image recognition, interpretation, and tasks by sending pictures through the app.

This innovation enhances Be My Eyes’ mission. It connects visually impaired individuals to volunteers and companies worldwide through live video.

Individuals with blindness or low vision can access worldwide, anonymous support through the Be My Eyes app.

This app enables low-vision users to request video aid via their smartphone camera. They can connect with volunteers or specialized help partners who can assist with tasks requiring sharp vision 24/7.

Volunteers aid in reading labels, differentiating colors, or guiding unknown environments for people with low vision. The app fosters a strong sense of community. It unites individuals and organizations dedicated to improving accessibility for the visually impaired.

It also offers tailored business solutions. This includes corporate volunteering, specialized customer support, workplace accessibility, and recruitment initiatives. This also makes it an entry point for accessibility and inclusivity for businesses of all sizes. The Be My AI Corporate Beta Test includes partnerships with leading brands and organizations. It further advances the accessibility landscape.

Key Features:

  • Image-to-Text:

    Instantly convert images into text, making visual information accessible through textual descriptions.

  • Live Video Support:

    Connects individuals with visual impairments to sighted volunteers and professionals through live video.

  • Free and Unlimited Calls:

    Offers free and unlimited calls, ensuring users can seek assistance whenever needed.

  • Business Solutions:

    Offers corporate volunteering, specialized customer support, workplace accessibility, and recruitment initiatives.

  • Corporate Partnerships:

    Collaborates with leading brands and organizations to revolutionize customer care and accessibility for their products and services.

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