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April 24, 2024


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Where AI meets bookkeeping, turning numbers into insights.

What is Booke?

Booke is a complete bookkeeping solution. It uses AI automation to simplify and optimize various aspects of financial management for businesses. This tool integrates advanced technology with user-friendly interfaces. It aims to improve efficiency, accuracy, and communication in bookkeeping processes.

The tool provides AI-driven automation for the month-end close process. This functionality enables users to experience increased efficiency and reduced stress. It resolves uncategorized transactions and coding errors. Its AI automation ensures that errors in bookkeeping are detected and addressed promptly. This results in accurate books for businesses.

This tool’s client portal enables collaboration between bookkeepers and clients. This eliminates the need for back-and-forth communication through emails and phone calls. The user-friendly portal allows for faster responses and better communication. This improves client satisfaction and improves workflow efficiency.

Its Robotic AI Bookkeeper uses GPT-driven RPA for daily, weekly, and monthly bookkeeping tasks. Users can set the frequency of bookkeeping activities. They can also sync their QuickBooks Online accounts during setup with ease.

The Robotic AI Bookkeeper reviews bank feeds and codes transactions to the appropriate general ledger accounts. In cases where transaction categorization isn’t clear-cut, the AI Bookkeeper requests human help. It learns and improves its categorization ability over time.

The AI-driven bookkeeping process follows the principle of transparency. The Robotic AI Bookkeeper keeps a detailed log. Users can track and verify financial records anytime. The log provides visibility into the Bookkeeper’s actions, learnings, and categorization decisions.

This tool has features that make bookkeeping efficient. These include auto-categorization for faster transactions. It also has AI-driven reconciliation help. The platform has communication tools for improved client collaboration. It can integrate with popular accounting platforms like Xero, QuickBooks, and Zoho Books.

Booke offers an intuitive interface that helps users manage tasks and track activities. The tool centralizes tasks and ensures comprehensive activity logging. This reduces internal and external communication. This tool enables businesses to focus on core operations. It also maintains accurate and organized financial records through a performance dashboard.

Key Features:

  • AI Assistant:

    AI-driven expert reconciliation assistance and suggestions.

  • Book Keeping:

    This feature handles daily, weekly, and monthly bookkeeping tasks autonomously.

  • Chrome Extension:

    It offers one-click reconciliation for categorized transactions within accounting software like Xero and QuickBooks.

  • Email Assistance:

    Transforms client emails into tasks for streamlined bookkeeping.

  • Integrations:

    Seamless integration with Xero, QuickBooks, or Zoho Books.

  • Invoice & Receipt OCR AI:

    Real-time data extraction from invoices, bills, and receipts.

  • Accounts Payable Workflow:

    Manages and imports documents in bulk for efficient workflow.

  • Inconsistencies Detection:

    Identifies and resolves discrepancies in the books.

  • Auto-Categorization:

    80% faster transaction categorization with AI.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Data Entry Automation Hub $20/mo $216/year
Robotic AI Bookkeeper $50/mo $540/year

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