Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Data Anonymization
    : To protect sensitive information, block or anonymize data inputs, even for document uploads.
  • Document Interaction
    : Querying the AI model for relevant insights, streamlining document management and analysis.
  • Organization Tools
    : Boost productivity with advanced organization tools, including folders, names, labels, and threads.
  • Prompt Library
    : Benefit from world-class prompt libraries designed to meet the unique requirements of different departments.
  • Access Management
    : Centralized control simplifies user management for smooth operations.
  • Data Privacy
    : Prioritizes data privacy, ensuring that your data and metadata inputs and outputs are never used in AI training datasets.
  • Third-Party Integration
    : Integrate with existing workspaces, such as CRMs, Google Worksuite, Dropbox, and more.


EnterGPT is an enterprise-grade AI platform focused on data privacy and business collaboration. This valuable tool offers several essential features that empower organizations. It ensures your data remains confidential and encrypted, never becoming part of any AI training dataset. Your information is available only to you and your team members. EnterGPT improves team dynamics with Shared Conversations, enabling discussions, brainstorming, and problem-solving. This encourages innovation among team members, promoting effective collaboration. You can invite team members to a shared business account and centralize control for smooth operations. Advanced organization tools, including folders, labels, and threads, help categorize and manage conversations. This tool allows you to block or hide data inputs, even for document uploads. It integrates with existing workspaces like CRMs and Google Worksuite.


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