Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Text Analysis
    : Provides quick and efficient analysis of dense free-form text. This feature enables users to record all the texts they’ve analyzed. 
  • Glossary
    : It provides a centralized list of extracted terms and their definitions. 
  • Term Exploration
    : This feature allows users to explore related texts and terms, facilitating a more comprehensive grasp of the meaning and usage of each term.


Fathom Lexicon is a powerful text analysis tool. It assists content writers in unlocking the true meaning behind dense free-form text data. This tool offers a range of features to enhance text understanding and simplify cross-functional work. One of the key offerings of Fathom Lexicon is its Rapid Text Analysis feature. With this, users can analyze complex text, allowing for the extraction of important information. This customizable feature enables users to set parameters that suit their specific needs. The Analyzed Texts feature helps in keeping track of analyzed texts. This also allows users to compare and analyze texts side-by-side by displaying all the extracted terms from each text. The glossary offers a complete list of extracted terms and their definitions in one place. Fathom Lexicon offers the Term Page to understand each extracted term better. Here, users can access related texts and terms, promoting a wider grasp of the meaning of each term.


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