Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Microlearning Scenarios:
    Allows users to select microlearning methods that align with their skill development needs.
  • Professional Curriculum:
    Offers a well-structured curriculum aimed at enhancing professional interpersonal skills. 
  • Interaction:
    Enables users to practice their skills using voice, video, and text formats.
  • Reflection:
    Users can review and reflect on their interactions with the help of audio-visual replays and behavioral insights. 
  • Progress Measure:
    Users can track their skill development and improvement over time.


Interflexion is a role-play platform that empowers professionals in their career development journey. This makes it a valuable resource for aspiring professionals.

Users receive personalized coaching and gain insights into how others see them. The platform lets individuals to upskill in areas of their choice. It also has recommendations for improvement through microlearning methods.

Its professional curriculum improves interpersonal skills. This schedule can also be customized. Users can interact by role-playing techniques using voice, video, and text. The audio-visual replay and behavioral insights support self-awareness and improvement. They can track their progress and experience memorable moments. Interflexion offers a personal coach that can be accessed whenever and wherever needed.


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