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June 10, 2024


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Your key to unlocking job title clarity and efficiency.
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What is JobtitlesAI?

JobtitlesAI is a powerful machine-learning API that classifies job titles into relevant categories, enabling users to focus and organize jobs effectively. The tool offers easy integration with spreadsheets and CRM platforms like HubSpot, simplifying the process of categorizing job titles and enhancing data organization.

Users can utilize JobtitlesAI directly within spreadsheets by using the IMPORTDATA() function, allowing for quick and easy categorization of job titles with just a few clicks. Integration with HubSpot provides users with a one-click solution to qualify their CRM database, streamlining workflows and improving efficiency in managing leads and contacts.

JobtitlesAI’s multilingual support extends beyond traditional English-language job titles, interpreting job titles in many languages, including French and others. This ensures wide coverage and flexibility for users operating in diverse linguistic environments.

This tool prioritizes user privacy and data protection by adhering to GDPR compliance standards. The API limits data collection to job titles only, ensuring that user information remains anonymous and confidential.

JobtitlesAI solves linguistic complexities, such as plurals and multilingualism, delivering reliable results and saving time by automating categorization. This allows users to focus on more strategic initiatives instead of manual categorization.

Key Features

  • Autopilot:

    Uses ML and AI to autonomously classify and sort job titles without the need for manual intervention.

  • Lead Tracking:

    The tool can assist with tracking and categorizing job titles within your lead database.

  • Scheduling Meeting:

    Eases scheduling by providing insight into job titles and roles within an organization.

  • Job Sorting:

    It can accurately sort and categorize job titles into different fields and positions.

  • API Integration:

    It supports integration with various systems and applications through its API.

  • Spreadsheet Categorisation:

    It provides quick and efficient classification of large sets of job titles.

  • Multilingual Support:

    Understand job titles in multiple languages without relying on predefined lists.

  • Data Privacy:

    No data collection beyond job titles, maintaining privacy.

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