Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Networking:
    Increase Networking with the speed of AI.
  • Connection Building:
    Easily Connect with industry experts, hiring managers, and potential employers based on your targeted role.
  • LinkedIn Messages:
    Generate Tailored LinkedIn messages in accordance with your networking goal.


Wonsulting’s NetworkAI is a valuable solution for job seekers. It smoothens the job search process and connects job seekers with hiring managers and industry experts. You can receive introductory messages and recommended connections based on your employment information and networking goals. This tool leverages AI to expand your LinkedIn network efficiently. All you need to do is enter your current and targeted job role and set your networking goal. After that, let the tool generate customized LinkedIn messages for you. It analyzes LinkedIn profiles to identify potential connections and offers feedback on how job seekers can reach out and build meaningful relationships.


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