Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Custom AI Training:
    Allows users to train custom AI models on their specific business data.
  • Private AIs:
    It enables the creation of personal AIs with access to confidential internal data that can be embedded on private intranets.
  • Public AIs:
    Supports the creation of public AIs using customer-facing data, such as website content; it can be embedded on websites via widgets or iframes.
  • Customization:
    Users can customize their AI’s personality, purpose, name, color, and welcome message to align with their brand and specific requirements.
  • Chatbot:
    Users can engage in natural language conversations with their custom AI.
  • Document Training:
    Allows AI training on various documents, including processes, procedures, policies, training content, and more.
  • Website Knowledge:
    Osher.ai can be trained on website content, providing information on case studies, terms, pricing, blog content, and other website-related data.
  • Security:
    Employs state-of-the-art encryption and security measures to protect sensitive information and maintain data integrity.
  • Enterprise-Ready:
    Built on enterprise-level technology, it is designed to scale with businesses of all sizes.


Osher.ai is an AI tool for businesses to securely interact with data, websites, and internal knowledge. This tool allows staff and customers to access and navigate websites, intranets, knowledge bases, and documents. Its key feature is its adaptability. AI can be trained on a company’s internal data, including various file formats like Excel, Word, PDF, and CSV. It supports the creation of private AIs for secure access within your intranet and public AIs for customer-facing applications on websites.

Users can personalize their AI by choosing its personality, purpose, name, color, and welcome message to align with their brand. The platform simplifies information retrieval through chat-based interactions. It’s adept at training on various content types, from processes and procedures to website knowledge, such as case studies, terms, pricing, and blog content. Osher.ai employs powerful encryption and security measures to protect data. Built on enterprise-level technology, it offers scalability for businesses of all sizes.


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