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November 4, 2023

Rapid Reply

Free + Paid Plans

Key Features:

  • 1-Click Email:
    Provides one-click email templates for common email scenarios, making responding quick.
  • Speech-to-Text:
    It can convert spoken words into complete emails, removing filler words for a polished result.
  • Email Templates:
    Users can create custom AI-powered email templates by writing their chatGPT prompts.
  • Third-Party Integrations:
    It makes it possible to include links, such as meeting booking links, in email responses.
  • Google Integration:
    Integrates with Gmail and Google Workspace, enhancing your existing email workflow.
  • Templates:
    The tool fills in recipient names and email sign-offs, ensuring personalized email responses.
  • Learning and Adaptation:
    Learns and adapts to your writing style over time, making its email suggestions accurate and tailored to your preferences.
  • Expand Short Messages:
    It can expand short text messages into longer, more comprehensive emails.
  • Link Integration:
    Integrates links into email responses, making sharing relevant web resources or scheduling options easy.


Rapid Reply is an AI email assistant that aids business owners in managing their emails. This tool is helpful for those who receive over 15 emails daily. It simplifies the email writing process. It helps users in beating inbox overload and focus on growing their businesses.

This platform offers an efficient solution to low-value and repetitive email-related tasks. It provides fast and polite email responses with one click. This makes it easy to confirm meetings, express gratitude, or provide status updates.

This tool combines Gmail and Google Workspace with a free Google Chrome extension. It streamlines your existing email workflow. It also offers one-click email suggestions. This is completed with personalization, like auto-filling names and email sign-offs. Users can even dictate emails, eliminating the need for typing.

Rapid Reply learns your unique writing style, tone, sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation. It allows you to create AI-powered email templates and integrate links. With mobile capabilities, you can respond while on the move.

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