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November 4, 2023

Receipt Cat

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Scan, organize, and track expenses effortlessly, leaving no receipts behind.

Key Features:

    • Receipt Scanning:
      Employs auto-capture AI and OCR technology to scan and extract key information from receipts.
    • Expense Tracking:
      Small businesses can track expenses, making it simple to identify deductible expenses for tax purposes.
    • Income Tracking:
      Provides insights into the business’s financial performance.
    • Receipt Organization:
      Receipts are organized into customizable categories, making managing and locating specific receipts easy.

<liReporting Dashboard:
Offers a clear overview of business expenses and income. Users can quickly understand their financial status and identify trends.

  • Custom Categories:
    Users can create custom categories to tailor the organization of receipts and expenses.
  • Drag-and-Drop:
    The tool offers a drag-and-drop feature for effortless receipt uploading and organization. 
  • Currency Selection:
    Users can select their native currency, ensuring all expenses and income are reflected in the primary currency.
  • Data Export:
    The tool offers the capability to export all expense and income data into CSV spreadsheets.
  • Tax Preparation:
    Simplifies tax preparation by providing all necessary information and receipts at users’ fingertips. 
  • Receipt Accessibility:
    Users can access their receipts, invoices, and financial documents anytime and anywhere.



Receipt Cat offers receipt scanning, organization, and reporting capabilities for small businesses. It simplifies expense tracking and income management. With this tool, you can digitize your receipts using auto-capture AI and OCR technology. This means no more manual data entry. The tool pulls essential details such as merchant names, taxes, totals, and dates from receipts. You can upload receipts through a drag-and-drop interface. The receipt management system is organized and searchable. It categorizes documents into custom categories and locates specific receipts. It also offers a reporting dashboard that summarizes your business expenses and income. The platform helps you itemize expenses for tax deductions. It meets legal record-keeping requirements by storing digital scans of your receipts. You can also create custom rules for automatic categorization. Select your preferred currency and export data to CSV spreadsheets.

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