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April 29, 2024

Resume Worded


What is Resume Worded?

Resume Worded is an online tool designed to assist job seekers in creating and optimizing their resumes. It utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze, enhance, and format resume content.

The core function of Resume Worded is straightforward – users can upload their resume file or start with a blank template. The AI then scans through the provided details.

It begins by identifying and correcting any spelling, grammar, or syntax errors in the resume content automatically, ensuring a polished final document.

Resume Worded’s AI suggests improved and more impactful wording for sections like the summary, skills, and work experience. It replaces generic statements with achievement-oriented, quantified points by analyzing job descriptions.

The tool optimizes the resume’s keyword density and phrasing to better match the requirements of the targeted job role, drawn from its extensive database.

After polishing the content, the software focuses on restructuring and formatting the resume layout. It organizes and reorders details into ideal resume sections based on standard templates.

Users can select from multiple visually appealing, ATS-friendly resume template designs. The AI ensures consistent formatting of dates, locations, and other data across the resume.

Finally, users can download the optimized resume as a PDF or DocX file, or opt for Resume Worded’s commercial-grade editing services for further refinement.

In summary, Resume Worded utilizes AI and data intelligence to transform conventional work history listings into tailored, readable resumes optimized for job applications.

Key Features

  • Cover Letter Generation:Creates personalized cover letters tailored to specific job applications.
  • Networking Templates:Provides pre-designed templates for networking emails and messages, facilitating effective communication with professional contacts.
  • Resume Targeting:Tailors resumes to specific job descriptions, increasing relevance to employers.
  • LinkedIn Optimization:Enhances LinkedIn profiles to attract more job opportunities and networking connections.
  • ATS Resume Templates:Offers templates optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to improve resume screening results.
  • ATS Resume Guide:Provides guidance on formatting and content to ensure compatibility with ATS algorithms.
  • Resume Proofreader:Checks resumes for errors, ensuring professional presentation and accuracy.
  • Rate Score:Evaluates resumes based on industry standards and provides feedback on content and formatting.
  • Grammar Checker:Identifies and corrects grammar mistakes in resumes to enhance readability and professionalism.


  • Provides personalized feedback based on individual resume content.
  • Tailors resumes to match specific job descriptions for higher relevance.
  • Offers example bullet points sourced from top-performing resumes.
  • Provides sample resumes from successful job applicants for inspiration.
  • LinkedIn Optimization tool enhances professional networking opportunities.


  • Not open source, limiting customization options for developers.
  • Limited to English language support, potentially excluding non-English speakers.
  • No mobile version available, restricting access on mobile devices.
  • No offline mode for resume editing without internet access.
  • No real-time feedback feature for immediate guidance.

Pricing table

Plans Monthly Annually
Premium Starts at $49/month Starts at $19/month

Frequently Asked Questions

How good is Resume Worded?

Resume Worded is highly effective in improving resumes, offering valuable feedback and optimization tools.

How can I use Resume Worded for free?

To use Resume Worded for free, you can sign up for a free account on their website and access limited features. However, some advanced functionalities may require a paid subscription.

Can Resume Worded help target my resume to a specific job description?

Yes, Resume Worded offers a feature called ‘Targeted Resume.’ It uses AI to analyze the job description and identify essential keywords and skills missing from your resume. Then, it provides guidance on customizing your resume for that specific job, increasing chances of getting more interviews.

Can Resume Worded improve my LinkedIn profile?

Yes, Resume Worded has a LinkedIn Review feature providing personalized feedback on optimizing your LinkedIn profile, aiming to attract 5X more job opportunities and leads.

Who can use Resume Worded?

Anyone looking to enhance their resumes and LinkedIn profiles can use Resume Worded, whether students, recent graduates, or seasoned professionals.

Does Resume Worded only provide AI feedback or human feedback too?

Resume Worded primarily relies on AI algorithms to deliver feedback on your resume, developed based on insights from actual hiring managers.

What is the SCORE MY RESUME feature?

‘SCORE MY RESUME’ offers a free expert review of your resume, providing a score based on criteria valued by recruiters and hiring managers. It also offers actionable suggestions to revamp your resume, accessible in just 30 seconds after uploading your resume.

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