Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Copywriting:
    Uses AI to generate compelling, targeted website content that resonates with visitors.
  • Web Publishing:
    Users can publish their websites through R.O.B., eliminating the need for technical knowledge or coding skills.
  • No-Code:
    The website builder is automated and requires no coding skills.
  • Personalized Question Framework:
    Users benefit from a thoughtful question framework designed by marketing experts. This results in a copy that resonates with their specific business needs.
  • Landing Pages:
    Landing page copy software employs AI to create targeted and practical content.
  • Webflow Integration:
    Users can transfer their website to their domain by setting up a paid Webflow account.


Robot Of Business (R.O.B.) assists startups, founders, and entrepreneurs in creating compelling websites. It provides powerful tools for copywriting and web publishing.

Users can craft websites that impress customers and boost sales. This tool helps businesses create a clear and compelling online presence.

The copy created by this tool sticks to marketing principles. It positions the business as a problem solver and conveys its value proposition.

The platform creates precise content that converts visitors into customers. Its automated, no-code website builder also enables users to create a complete website with a mock-up landing page.

R.O.B. offers the option to transfer the website to their domain.


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