Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Idea Evaluation
    : Uses artificial intelligence to generate a comprehensive strategy and plan.
  • Business Report
    : You can export your personalized business case as a PDF file, making it easy to share, gather feedback, or use it as a basis for securing funding.
  • Risk Reduction
    : Reduce risks and increase your chances of success by relying on validated data and market analysis.
  • Data-driven Insights
    : Provides data-backed insights, assessments, and recommendations for each section of your business report.
  • Decision-Making
    : Make quick and informed decisions, enhancing your ability to execute your business idea effectively.


Strat.Chat creates business strategies and implementation plans for your entrepreneurial ideas. It enables you to transform your business concept into a viable, actionable strategy. Here’s how it works: You begin by describing your business idea. It then uses the power of AI to generate a complete business strategy and an execution plan tailored to your vision. This process grows in six structured steps. The AI-driven analysis covers critical aspects such as target audience identification, distribution channels, competitive landscape, and macroeconomic factors. It provides insights and data-driven recommendations for each section of your business report. You can export this personalized business case as a PDF file. Using data-backed insights reduces risks and increases the chance of success for your business idea.


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