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November 4, 2023


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Validly Feature Image
The AI research assistant, unlocking user insights without the interview hassles.

Key Features:

  • User Interviews:
    Enables users to conduct many user interviews, eliminating manual interviews.
  • Continuous Insights:
    Operates autonomously and extracts rich insights, ensuring a steady flow of valuable data.
  • Data Extraction:
    Extracts and delivers in-depth insights from user interviews. 
  • Data Security:
    Ensures user data remains confidential and protected according to the highest security standards.


Validly is an AI research assistant. It simplifies the process of conducting user interviews. This tool allows you to scale your research efforts by running hundreds of user interviews. It eliminates the time, effort, and costs associated with manual interviews.

Experienced researchers train this intelligent research agent. It operates and extracts valuable insights for you in the background, 24/7. It enables you to gather rich data and insights from real users.

Privacy and security are a top priority on this platform. Your user data is kept secure and maintains the highest standards of security.

Validly offers a practical solution for businesses and researchers. It helps gain valuable user insights without traditional interviews’ complexities and resource-intensive nature.

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