Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • AI Coach:
    Provides real sales coaching on every sales call, automatically scoring and offering feedback.
  • Custom Scorecards:
    Users can set up custom scorecards that align with their sales processes. 
  • Playbook Adherence:
    Helps users track how their sales team follows the playbook, ensuring alignment and consistency in sales processes across the team.
  • Top Performer Insights:
    Users can discover what distinguishes top-performing reps from others.
  • Integration:
    Integrates with various sales tools, including dialers, video conferencing, contact center, and conversation intelligence platforms.
  • Sales LMS:
    Offers data-driven sales training, onboarding, coaching, and certification.
  • Sales Onboarding Platform:
    Reduces ramp-up time by up to 70% and increases revenue per representative, making it a valuable resource for onboarding new sales team members.
  • Sales Performance Intelligence:
    Users can identify performance gaps within their sales team, enabling targeted coaching.
  • Personalized Training Programs:
    Delivers tailored training programs to individual team members.
  • Sales Reps Certification:
    Facilitates remote certification of sales representatives, ensuring alignment and competence across the sales team.


Wonderway is a next-gen sales coaching platform that uses the power of AI to enhance your sales team’s performance. You gain real sales coaching insights on every call with Wonderway’s AI Coach and Sales LMS (Learning Management System). The AI Coach feature automates sales coaching and quality assurance. It provides instant insights into your sales reps’ strengths and weaknesses. You can track playbook adherence, customize scorecards to match your sales process, and receive personalized coaching recommendations for each team member. Wonderway integrates with your existing sales tools, including dialers, video conferencing, and conversation intelligence platforms. 100% of call recordings are viewed and scored, leading to a 90% reduction in time and cost spent on call listening (QA). Playbook adoption reaches 100%, sales win rates increase by 28%, and employee retention rises by 11%. Improve sales performance with data-driven training, onboarding, coaching, and certification through the Sales LMS tool. This platform integrates with your sales tech stack, reducing ramp-up time and boosting revenue. Transform your sales team’s performance with personalized training.


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