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Spinner Chief
May 2, 2024

Spinner Chief

What is Spinner Chief?

Spinner Chief is a content paraphrasing tool that uses AI technology. It can also detect AI-generated content with high accuracy. Simply paste your content into the tool, and it will identify any AI-generated content.

Users can then edit the content manually or use the tool’s “humanize” feature, which allows you to rephrase the content to make it sound more human-like. It also enables the synonyms setting to maximize the changes in your text. The tool supports bulk spin and rewrite, meaning you can upload multiple articles at once. Spinner Chief is available in both desktop and web versions.

Additionally, Spinner Chief offers a Text-to-Image feature. This feature allows users to add visually appealing images to their text. Users can customize the style of their text by choosing fonts, colors, sizes, and more. Once edited, the images can be saved as HTML files. The tool also supports multiple languages for wide user accessibility

Key Features:

  • AI Content Detector :
    Detects AI-generated content accurately within the provided text.
  • Image Generation :
    Provides an AI-based Text-to-Image feature to add visually appealing images to text content.
  • Text Paraphrasing :
    Allows manual content editing and the ‘humanize’ feature for more natural-sounding text.
  • Grammar Checker :
    Fixes any spelling or grammar mistakes, making your rewrites even better than the originals
  • Multilingual Support :
    Supports multiple languages to cater to a diverse user base

Pricing Table of Spinner Chief

Plan Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard $127/year
Team $247/year
Enterprise Custom

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