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April 20, 2024


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Uncover the ‘why’ behind every click and transform user data into actionable insights.

What is FullStory?

FullStory is an advanced data analytics tool. It helps businesses understand the behavior of their users and improve their digital experiences. This platform captures hundreds of events and signals. It provides insights into user sentiment and motivations behind every action taken on a website or application.

The platform allows businesses to build predictive models and train AI using behavioral data. This helps users to analyze user behavioral data and take actionable steps to improve their digital products and services.

Users can watch real-time replays of user sessions. This allows them to identify pain points, areas of friction, and opportunities for improvement.

The tool understands the “why” behind user clicks and interactions. Businesses can make data-driven decisions to optimize user experiences and drive better outcomes.

FullStory highlights the significance of behavioral data in prioritizing customers in business strategies. By obtaining a comprehensive customer journey, businesses can create better personalization tactics.

The platform has various features to help users analyze behavioral data. Some of these features include auto-capture, sentiment signals, funnels and conversions tracking, journey mapping, dashboards, user segments, session replay, and heatmaps. They help businesses gain insights into user behavior and preferences. This also allows them to customize their offerings to better meet customer needs.

FullStory caters to retail and e-commerce, travel and hospitality, finance and insurance, SaaS, gaming, and food and beverage. It helps businesses increase conversion rates, improve profitability, build customer loyalty, and cut costs associated with fraud.

This platform helps product managers, engineering teams, and data teams use behavioral data. They can use this data to drive better outcomes and create exceptional digital experiences for their users. It is beneficial for businesses in different sectors.

Key Features

  • Autocapture:

    Automatically captures user interactions and events on websites and applications.

  • Sentiment Analysis:

    Analyzes user actions to understand the sentiment and motivations behind them.

  • Funnels & Conversions:

    Tracks user journeys through funnels to identify conversion bottlenecks and optimize the user experience.

  • Journey Mapping:

    Maps out the entire user journey, from entry to conversion or exit.

  • Dashboards:

    Provides customizable dashboards for visualizing and analyzing user behavior data.

  • User Segments:

    Allows users to segment their audience based on behavior, demographics, or other criteria.

  • Session Replay:

    Enables users to watch real-time replays of user sessions to gain deeper insights into user behavior and interactions.

  • Heatmaps:

    Visualizes user interactions and engagement on webpages or within applications to identify hotspots and areas of interest.

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