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June 10, 2024

Addy AI

Your personal email assistant simplifies, focuses on, and simplifies your inbox.

What is Addy?

The tool focuses on emails based on user choices. It identifies and highlights the most important emails, allowing users to focus on important tasks. This helps users avoid email overload and ensures that messages are not missed.

Addy also provides a daily summary of important tasks extracted from emails, enabling users to quickly grasp their priorities for the day. This summary streamlines the process of organizing tasks and improves time management.

For follow-up emails, the tool offers instant reminders and can even draft the entire email. It reduces the risk of forgetting important follow-ups. It also saves users valuable time in composing repetitive messages.

Addy integrates with popular email clients like Outlook, Yahoo, and Gmail. This allows users to transfer their emails and start benefiting from it immediately.

This platform can generate email drafts, replies, and follow-ups with a few clicks. By analyzing the context of conversations, it offers personalized reply suggestions. This speeds up the email writing process and ensures consistent communication.

The tool simplifies the task of analyzing email attachments and summarizing long email threads. It highlights key details such as action items and deadlines. It saves users from spending time reading through lengthy documents.

Addy has strict security policies to safeguard user information. The privacy-first method ensures that users have full control over their data.

This tool eases the workflow, improves productivity, and ensures efficient communication. It changes the way users interact with their email accounts. It also saves them valuable time and minimizes the stress of email overload.

Key Features

  • Email Highlight:Addy learns user preferences and highlights the most important emails.
  • Text Summarization:The tool scans emails and highlights the most important tasks for the day.
  • Follow-ups:It reminds users to follow up and can instantly draft the email.
  • AI Scheduling:This platform scans emails and calendars, notifying users of upcoming events.
  • Integration:Addy works with email clients like Outlook, Yahoo, and Gmail, allowing seamless integration.
  • Email Generation:Create drafts, replies, and follow-ups with one click.
  • Attachment Analysis:It analyzes email attachments and summarizes important details.
  • Natural Language Search:Users can search their inbox using natural language.
  • Multilingual Support:Write emails in over 100 languages.
  • Translation:This tool can write emails in the recipient’s language, eliminating the need for translation.
Plans Monthly Annually
Standard $7.60/mo $6/mo

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