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April 26, 2024

Array Assistant

Free + Paid Plans
Supercharge Your Spreadsheet Management With Array Assistant

What is Array Assistant?

Array Assistant is an AI tool for improving spreadsheet productivity. It has many features that save time for professionals and students. It helps users do more tasks in their spreadsheets with ease.

The platform offers many helpful tools, including formula creation and data cleaning. It also provides text summarization, problem explanation, and automation design. Even difficult tasks become simpler with text generation, data organization, and trend analysis.

This tool can help boost productivity in various industries. Investment bankers can generate lists and formulas for client analysis. Private equity professionals can streamline deal sourcing and market mapping workflows. Accounting firms can manage financial statements faster with formulas and data management tools.

Array Assistant simplifies Excel usage and provides many intuitive features. These include Formula Generator, Trend Analyzer, List Builder, Summarizer, Problem Solver, Text Generator, Data Cleaner, and Data Extractor. These tools simplify workflow, generate insights from data, and solve complex equations.

Key Features:

  • Spreadsheet Management

    Uses AI technology to enhance efficiency and productivity when working with spreadsheets.

  • Text Summarization

    Summarize text within your spreadsheets, making it easier to understand and analyze textual data.

  • Email Generation

    Use the Text Generator to quickly generate emails, descriptions, and customer responses.

  • Explanations

    Receive explanations for spreadsheet-related issues, helping you troubleshoot and resolve problems quickly.

  • Automation

    Generates VBA code to automate repetitive tasks within your spreadsheet.

  • Data Cleaning

    Identifies and fixes inconsistencies and errors in your data sets.

  • Formula Generation

    Easily create complex formulas, saving time and effort in spreadsheet calculations.

Plan Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Premium Free $14.99/mo
Enterprise $49.99/mo

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