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April 26, 2024

Before Sunset

Free + Paid Plans

What is Before Sunset?

BeforeSunset is an AI-powered planning tool. It helps users organize and prioritize tasks. It schedules daily activities based on the user’s calendar and to-do list. It uses time-blocking on the calendar.

The tool integrates with Google Calendar and provides a synchronized scheduling experience. It aligns the user’s plans with existing commitments. This tool also offers a cohesive and organized workspace. The workspace includes todos, calendars, notes, timers, analytics, and more features. This ensures a centralized approach to productivity and time management.

The tool helps users save time by tracking and blocking time for each task. This feature evaluates productivity and ensures efficient time allocation. The focus mode minimizes distractions and boosts productivity by helping users concentrate on tasks.

BeforeSunset offers analytics to help users improve performance and maintain work-life balance. It also enables proactive planning by letting users schedule their entire week in advance. This reduces stress and overwhelms when the new week begins.

The AI tool has a team feed feature promotes real-time updates and progress sharing. This enhances team communication and connectivity. It helps team members manage their personal and work tasks in a single location and share relevant information with the team. This simplifies collaboration and reinforces a sense of unity among team members.

Its AI personal assistant helps with daily and weekly planning. It converts to-do lists into actionable plans and suggests subtasks. The user interface is intuitive, and it seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar. It’s a great solution for individuals and teams looking to optimize productivity and time management.

BeforeSunset is an AI tool that helps users with daily and weekly planning. It improves productivity and fosters effective collaboration within teams. It uses AI technology to provide a harmonious and organized planning experience. It enables users to perform tasks and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Key Features:

  • Day Planning:

    Uses AI technology to simplify planning your day and organizing your to-do list effectively.

  • AI Assistant:

    The AI assistant can automatically plan your day and make tasks actionable.

  • Calendar Sync:

    Seamlessly syncs your planned tasks with your calendar, ensuring you stay on schedule.

  • Time Tracker:

    Provides a time-tracking feature, enabling you to start timers for tasks and track the time spent on each one.

  • Recurring To-dos:

    Schedule tasks to repeat at specific intervals, such as daily, weekly, monthly, or even at custom intervals.

  • Subtasks Generation:

    This helps you further break down tasks by suggesting subtasks based on your main task description.

  • Analytics:

    Offers a Personal Analytics screen that provides a productivity score and valuable insights into your workday.

  • Integration:

    Offers integration with other tools, improving its versatility and compatibility within your existing workflow.

Plan Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Premium Free $12.99/mo
Teams Free $13.99/mo
Free $9.99/mo $9.99/mo

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