Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Day Planning:
    Utilizes AI technology to simplify the process of planning your day and organizing your to-do list effectively.
  • AI Assistant:
    The AI assistant can automatically plan your day and make tasks actionable, streamlining your planning process.
  • Calendar Sync:
    Seamlessly syncs your planned tasks with your calendar, ensuring you stay on your schedule.
  • Time Tracker:
    Provides a time-tracking feature, enabling you to start timers for tasks and track the time spent on each one.
  • span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Personal Analytics:
    Offers a Personal Analytics screen that provides a productivity score and valuable insights into your workday, helping you improve your efficiency.
  • Integration:
    Offers integration with other tools, enhancing its versatility and compatibility within your existing workflow.


Before Sunset is an AI-powered tool that simplifies the process of planning your day and organizing your to-do list. This tool provides comprehensive features that can help you transform your workday scheduling. All you need to do is add your to-dos, and the tool will plan your day with convenient breaks, subtasks, and more. You can plan your entire day using either an AI assistant or manually and sync it with your calendar. With its time-tracking feature, you can start the timer for each task and track how much time you spend on it. Its Personal Analytics screen allows you to view your productivity score and gain insights into your workday. The AI assistant can help you automatically plan your day and make tasks actionable. The tool also offers integration with other tools as well. Currently, Before Sunset is only available as a web app.


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