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April 27, 2024

Luna Bot

Free + Paid Plans
Elevate your web experience with Luna Bot – where ChatGPT meets customizable efficiency for seamless browsing.

What is Luna Bot?

Lunabot is a browser extension that improves productivity and simplifies workflow with the support of GPT-4. This budget-friendly tool provides users access to ChatGPT capabilities. The tool integrates into various browsing experiences. It offers a range of features to optimize tasks and communication.

This platform allows users to use ChatGPT features on any webpage. Customized commands can be used for translation, summarization, grammar correction, and text explanation. Users can access AI features to improve productivity and comprehension by selecting text on a webpage. These features are tailored to the user’s needs and preferences.

The extension has an easy-to-use interface and dark and light themes synced with the system. Users can create their own prompt commands, improving workflow efficiency. It can also be integrated into browsing routines with ease.

Lunabot uses secure encryption for user data privacy and safety, and users can reset their message history anytime. These give them control over their privacy settings and instill confidence in using the extension.

The tool has browser integration and a web app and also integrates with Telegram. Users can access it across multiple platforms. It can also be easily activated using voice commands via Siri.

Lunabot is affordable and offers advanced features. It’s a great alternative to other AI assistants like ChatGPT. It can improve workflow efficiency, improve communication, and unlock the full potential of AI help.

Key Features:

  • ChatGPT Access:

    Users can employ ChatGPT shortcuts for tasks like translation, summarization, explanations, grammar fixes, and content composition.

  • Writing Assistant:

    Improve your writing by fixing grammar, expanding text, replying to emails, and translating text.

  • Web-App:

    It is accessible on popular web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and more.

  • Shortcuts:

    It saves time and efficiency by providing quick access to various AI functions.

  • Custom Shortcuts:

    Users can create prompt commands for an efficient workflow integrated with any website.

  • Multiple Themes:

    The tool offers beautiful themes integrated with the browser, supporting dark and light themes.

  • Text Selection Shortcuts:

    Users can use AI shortcuts on any webpage, such as Translate, Grammar Analysis, and custom shortcuts.

  • Telegram Integration:

    The tool can be integrated with the Telegram messaging platform.

Plan Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard $5.99/mo $59/year
Premium $9.99/mo $99/year
Premium Plus $19.99/mo $199/year

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