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June 10, 2024

Magic Forms

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Unlock Effortless AI-powered quiz generation for educators and students With Magic Forms

What is Magic Forms ?

Magic Forms is an AI tool that helps users generate forms using artificial intelligence. Users can create various types of forms, such as interview questions, student tests, or quick fun quizzes. The tool is integrated as an add-on within Google Forms, making it convenient for users who already use Google Workspace.

Users can install the add-on by visiting the Google Workspace Marketplace and following simple installation steps. Once installed, users can create their first quiz with AI in a few minutes. This tool automates the form creation process by allowing users to input text or information from the web, PDFs, or other sources. Users can then specify the number of questions they want in the form and let it generate the quiz.

The tool simplifies the form creation process by ending the need for manual input and formatting. Users can access it directly within Google Forms. This also makes it easy to incorporate AI-generated quizzes into their forms. If users encounter difficulties or need help, it also provides a support email for prompt help.

Magic Forms enhances user productivity by leveraging AI to simplify the form creation process. It caters to various needs, from educational assessments to entertainment quizzes. It offers a solution for streamlining form generation using artificial intelligence.

Key Features:

  • Quiz Generation:

    Effortlessly create quizzes and tests using AI technology that extracts text from multiple sources, including the web, PDFs, and more.

  • Quiz Customization:

    Generate quizzes with a specific number of questions and question types to meet your unique requirements.

  • Integration:

    Easily integrate Magic Forms with Google Forms, streamlining the process of quiz creation within a familiar environment.

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