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April 30, 2024


Your creative companion for crafting compelling LinkedIn posts effortlessly.

What is Mentis?

Mentis is a powerful web application that helps users generate engaging LinkedIn posts, focusing on creativity and user-centric design. The tool offers curated features to elevate users’ LinkedIn profiles and improve their content creation experience.

Users can create engaging posts quickly and easily with curated frameworks serving as templates, guiding them through crafting impactful and attention-grabbing posts. These frameworks are constantly updated and expanded to provide diverse content creation options.

With its Idea Generation framework, users can generate content ideas in seconds, leveraging AI for inspiration and guidance to overcome writer’s block and tap into a wealth of creative possibilities for their LinkedIn presence.

This platform integrates with LinkedIn, enabling direct posting without manual copy-and-paste processes. Additionally, its scheduling abilities are being developed to simplify content scheduling for optimal timing and visibility.

Mentis helps users create LinkedIn posts and simplifies content creation, allowing them to share ideas and insights without worrying about formatting or brainstorming.

Key Features

  • LinkedIn Post Generation:

    The tool uses AI to generate engaging content ideas and draft posts specifically for LinkedIn.

  • Idea Generation:

    It helps you brainstorm content ideas that resonate with your audience.

Pricing table

Plan Cost
Premium Starts at ₹2,252.43

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