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April 27, 2024


Free + Paid Plans
Elevate Creativity with Seenapse, Your AI-Powered Idea Generator

What is Seenapse?

Seenapse is a platform that combines human thinking with AI. It helps generate creative ideas and offers unexpected and intriguing suggestions. Using the power of humans and AI together inspires diverse creative directions.

This tool allows users to explore many possibilities and presents users with many creative options. This helps users identify ideas that can evolve into impactful solutions or innovations. It can turn perceived ‘ugly ducklings’ into ‘beautiful swans.’

Seenapse offers subscription options for different users and organizations. The Casual plan offers 50 requests per month for occasional creative help. The personal plan offers 250 requests per month for continuous creative support.

Boutique agencies or consultancies can enjoy the Small Teams plan. This plan accommodates up to 10 users, provides unlimited requests, and integrates with Google Docs. The Big Teams plan caters to unlimited users and requests and ensures scalability and adaptability to the organization’s size and needs.

Seenapse supports over 40 languages and has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to use and accessible for everyone. It helps users tap into their creative potential and fosters a culture of creativity and ingenuity within organizations. This tool also allows users to explore innovative ideas.

Key Features:

  • Idea Generation:

    It assists users in generating unique and professional ideas across various fields.

  • AI Chatbot:

    The tool operates through a user-friendly chatbot interface, making it accessible and easy for all users.

  • Content Generation:

    Users can request ideas for many purposes, including business pitches, headlines, taglines, articles, blog posts, etc.

Plan Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard $4.99/mo
Premium $24.99/mo
Teams $499/mo
Enterprise Custom

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