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April 27, 2024


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What is Shepherd?

Shepherd is a tool for effective collaboration and meetings. It’s trusted by leading teams worldwide and used in over 1,002,356 meetings. The tool helps ease more productive and organized discussions.

It has a multiplayer mode that helps users create, customize, and add agenda templates. They can take comprehensive notes and assign tasks before, during, and after meetings. It integrates with the user calendar and ensures all relevant information from previous meetings is accessible. It provides valuable context for ongoing discussions.

The platform allows real-time collaboration during meetings. Teams can take notes without leaving their video conferencing platform. Users can connect the tool notes to Slack, Notion, and Trello apps. This improves workflow efficiency and streamlines task management.

Shepherd has world-class features to enrich team workflows. It integrates with Google Calendar for easy event preparation. This is compatible with video conferencing tools like Google Meet and Zoom and provides a broad suite of tools to improve meeting productivity.

The tool offers instant note-taking within the browser. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to use. The sidebar Chrome extension allows users to take notes without leaving video screens. This minimizes disruptions during meetings and optimizes convenience.

The platform has a full-screen mode for detailed note-taking and a strong search function to find specific notes. Teams can assign and mention tasks directly in the platform for accountability.

This tool has agenda templates for recurring meetings, a related notes feature for easy reference, and a scratchpad for quick notes or thoughts. Users can also use various commands and keyboard shortcuts to enhance their workflow efficiency.

Shepherd offers an easy app integration and an update hub. It helps track team activities and keeps users organized, focused, and connected throughout the meeting process. Using it can improve collaboration, improve task management, and streamline meeting workflows. It empowers teams to unlock their full potential and supercharge their productivity.

Key Features:

  • Meeting Management:

    Eases collaborative meeting management by allowing users to create, customize, and add agenda templates, take notes, and assign tasks.

  • Calendar Integration:

    It connects with users’ calendars to provide easy access to event details and streamline meeting preparation.

  • Collaboration:

    Enables teams to take notes in real-time during meetings without leaving the video conferencing.

  • App Integration:

    It integrates with Slack, Trello, and Notion for easy workflow management and task tracking.

  • Meeting Note-taking:

    Allows users to take notes from anywhere within their browser in seconds.

  • Chrome Extension:

    It provides a convenient sidebar extension for taking notes without exiting the video conferencing screen.

  • Full-Screen Mode:

    It offers a full-screen mode option for users who need more space for detailed note-taking.

  • Task Assignment:

    Allows users to assign tasks and mention team members within the platform to maintain accountability.

  • Note Sharing:

    Facilitates quick sharing of meeting notes and outcomes at the end of meetings.

  • Templates Library:

    Offers a collection of agenda templates for recurring meetings, streamlining meeting preparation.

  • Command Shortcuts:

    Offers a variety of commands and keyboard shortcuts to enhance user experience and workflow efficiency.

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