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November 4, 2023


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Elevate Team Productivity with Solidly, an AI-Powered Communication Automation

Key Features:

  • Automated Communication:
    Solidly automates communication processes within your team, ensuring everyone stays informed with minimal manual effort.
  • Summarization:
    The tool provides summaries of team activities, meetings, and conversations, allowing you to keep up with important information without attending every meeting or reading every conversation.
  • Integration:
    Solidly seamlessly integrates with the platforms and tools your team already uses, making it easy to access information.
  • Meeting Transcription:
    It can generate transcriptions, ensuring you have a written record of discussions for reference and review.
  • Email Generation:
    Solidly can draft AI-generated emails for project updates, simplifying the process of keeping stakeholders informed.
  • Instant Chat Support (Solidly Chat):
    Solidly Chat offers instant responses to your questions and provides advice, helping you stay informed and make informed decisions.


Solidly is an AI-driven tool designed to enhance your team’s productivity. It automates communication and keeps everyone informed with minimal effort. It provides summaries of everything going on in the team, so you can attend every meeting and read every conversation without actually having to do so. Instead, Solidly will prepare personalized summaries for you by integrating with the platform you’re already using, saving you time and effort. It can generate meeting transcription, draft AI-generated emails about project updates, and more. Solidly Chat instantly answers your questions and provides advice to help you stay informed. It also personalizes updates and project reports based on your preferences. Solidly is a reliable and efficient tool that can help you and your team stay on top of everything without hassle.

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