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Key Features:

  • Idea Generation:
    Initiates brainstorming sessions with initial ideas, jumpstarting creative discussions.
  • Illustration Generation:
    Transforms abstract ideas into visual illustrations, aiding in idea visualization and communication.
  • Idea Variation Generation:
    Users can expand existing ideas by generating three unique variations, fostering comprehensive thinking.
  • Idea Refinement:
    Helps list pros, cons, first steps, and other relevant considerations, facilitating informed decision-making.


Stormz is a versatile AI-powered tool that enhances brainstorming and idea development sessions. It offers a range of features designed to facilitate creative thinking and problem-solving.

You can kickstart brainstorming sessions by generating initial ideas and providing a helpful starting point for discussions. It also allows you to transform abstract concepts into visual illustrations, making conveying and understanding ideas easier.

One of Stormz’s valuable functions is its ability to generate ‘How Might We’ questions. This encourages participants to explore different angles and perspectives when addressing challenges. Additionally, it helps idea expansion by generating three distinct variations, promoting comprehensive thinking.

You can refine your ideas by listing the pros, cons, first steps, and other relevant considerations. Hence helping participants make informed decisions. It simplifies the organization of ideas by clustering similar ones and providing concise labels for better comprehension.

Stormz offers comprehensive session planing, efficient card management, various voting systems for idea selection, and multicriteria evaluations for decision-making. It also provides graphical analysis tools and the option to export structured data to Excel for further analysis.


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