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Key Features:

  • ChatGPT Access:
    Thunder Chat enhances your ChatGPT interactions for brainstorming, writing, and more.
  • Text Highlighting and Formatting:
    Easily highlight and format text within your conversations for better organization and clarity.
  • Advanced Search Filters:
    Break down lengthy responses into smaller parts and apply advanced search filters for easier navigation.
  • Customizable Model Settings:
    Tailor the AI’s output by adjusting settings like temperature to meet your specific needs.
  • Chat Organization:
    Organize your chats into folders and subfolders for efficient management and retrieval.
  • Prompt Library:
    Access a collection of pre-written prompts to kickstart conversations and gather information.


Thunder Chat is an AI-based tool that enhances your ChatGPT experience. It’s a MacOS app helpful for a variety of purposes, including brainstorming new ideas, writing sales copy, crafting business emails, and more. You can highlight text, format it, and use advanced search filters to break down large walls of text into smaller, digestible parts. The model’s settings can be customized, including the temperature, to fine-tune the output and tailor it to your specific needs. You can also organize your chat into folders and subfolders and easily search through them. Additionally, there’s a collection of pre-written prompts available. You can use these prompts to start conversations, ask follow-up questions, and provide helpful information. Thunder Chat is a user-friendly and seamless tool that offers an enhanced ChatGPT experience with additional functionality.


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