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June 10, 2024

TXT Genie

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Upgrade your texting experience with TXT Genie, your personalized assistant for more effective and engaging communication.
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What is TXTGenie?

TXTGenie is revolutionizing SMS communication with its AI-powered texting assistant, simplifying messaging processes, and improving productivity. It offers a range of features that cater to users’ diverse needs.

This tool can generate well-crafted sentences from users’ thoughts, saving time and inspiring their writing. Users can customize the tone and style of their text messages to fit any personality. The AI assistant suggests messages based on user input, ensuring that texts resonate with the intended audience.

The platform includes automation functionality, allowing users to schedule messages based on their contacts’ personalities, eliminating the need to calculate response timing manually. It also assists in planning and scheduling activities with friends, using user calendars and activity preferences to organize outings.

With TXTGenie, users define conversation goals as milestones, serving as markers of success in meaningful and productive interactions, such as arranging a date or forming a connection.

The tool prioritizes data security, employing end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication. Users can also delete SMS backups upon request, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of SMS communications.

This platform is compatible with iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram, offering a centralized communication solution that automates trivial tasks, allowing teams to focus on strategic growth initiatives.

TXTGenie helps users communicate better, automate messaging, and prioritize data security. Its intuitive features enhance the SMS experience, changing the way users engage with contacts and manage conversations.

Key Features:

  • Texting Assistant:

    Craft messages tailored to different personalities, from sophisticated to witty, to improve communication.

  • Message Suggestions:

    Get personalized suggestions based on your input to streamline texting.

  • Customization:

    Users can customize the tone and style of their text messages to fit any personality.

  • Message Scheduling:

    It can schedule messages using the contact’s personality inputs, stopping the need for manual scheduling.

  • Activity Planning:

    It helps plan and schedule activities with friends based on users’ calendars and activity preferences.

  • Integration:

    It integrates with SMS platforms like iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram.

  • Data Security:

    Implements advanced encryption techniques to ensure the privacy and security of SMS communications.

  • Automation:

    It frees up time and resources by automating trivial tasks, allowing users to focus on strategic initiatives.

Plan Monthly Cost
Standard $4.99/mo
Premium $14.99/mo
Enterprise $39.99/mo

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