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April 8, 2024

Topaz Video AI

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Elevate your videos with advanced neural network editing.

what is Topaz Video AI

Topaz Video AI 4 is an advanced AI editing platform. Major film studios and creative professionals worldwide use it. It also elevates their footage to cinematic levels with precision and efficiency.

Users can improve their videos with a range of powerful features. It optimizes quality and simplifies editing processes. The tool offers ultra-sharp upscaling capabilities. This allows users to upscale their footage to an impressive 16K resolution. It also cuts compression artifacts and denoising with cinema-level detail.

This tool differentiates between noise and detail, ensuring optimal results every time. The Nyx AI Model featured in Video AI 4 removes noise and fixes compression artifacts from 4K footage. The FacePlus+ technology recognizes people and faces. It corrects them to improve visual appeal and maintain cinematic integrity.

Video AI 4 also has the Iris MQ AI Model. This improves details from human faces in standard definition footage. It also ensures clarity and realism in every frame. Users can create slow-motion effects and match cameras with different frame rates without compromising quality.

Video AI 4 offers ultra-steady features to smooth camera movement. It also reduces motion blur, including anti-shake stabilization for post-production adjustments. The compare UI feature enables users to fine-tune their results with ease. This allows for a total review and comparison of all available models.

This tool partners with leading hardware manufacturers like Intel, NVIDIA, AMD, and Apple. Its processing times are the fastest, and it processes everything locally. This eliminates the need for offloading or remote servers while maintaining complete security.

Key Features:

  • Video Enhancement: Advanced neural networks to enhance videos with improved clarity and detail.

  • Video Upscaling: Capable of upscaling low-resolution videos to higher-quality outputs and shake stabilization feature.

  • Video Denoising: It removes grain and digital noise from video footage, resulting in cleaner and clearer visuals.

  • Batch Processing: This tool allows users to apply the preferred enhancement effects to many videos simultaneously.

  • Real-Time Preview: Users can preview the applied enhancements and restoration effects in real-time.

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