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Cleanvoice AI
May 2, 2024

Cleanvoice Ai

Elevating podcasts by banishing filler sounds and mouth noises, leaving only crystal-clear content.

What is Cleanvoice AI?

Cleanvoice is an AI-based audio refinement tool. It helps podcasters and creators in improving their recordings. It removes unwanted filler sounds, stuttering, and mouth noises to improve the quality of the audio.

The tool automatically detects and removes filler sounds, mouth noises, and stutters. It can also identify and reduce long silences to keep the audience engaged. The tool’s Multilingual Filler Sound Remover can detect and remove filler sounds in multiple languages. The languages include German, French, and various accents from other countries.

Cleanvoice also offers a Timeline Export feature. This feature allows for manual editing to export the timeline in their editor. The process is simple and involves uploading the audio file, AI-powered audio cleaning, and then downloading or exporting the results.

This tool’s ultimate goal is to improve the podcast editing process. This aims to make it more efficient and engaging for its users.

Key Features:

  • Filler Words Remover

    It identifies and removes filler words (“um,” “ah,” etc.) in many languages and accents.

  • Stutter Remover

    Detects and removes stutters from your audio, preserving the natural flow of speech.

  • Silence Removal

    It cuts out unnecessary dead air, keeping your audio engaging and concise.

  • Mouth Sound Remover

    Removes distracting mouth noises like lip smacks and breaths.

  • Transcription

    Generate accurate transcripts of your audio with timestamps and speaker labeling for your podcasts.

  • Background Noise Remover

    Reduce unwanted background noise like traffic or hum for cleaner audio.

  • Integrations

    Works with popular podcast editors like Descript and Auphonic for an easy workflow.

  • Multilingual Support

    Handles multiple languages and accents for broader content creators.

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