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Recast- audio
June 10, 2024


Effectively Transform Articles into Audio Summaries and save your reading time with Recast.

What is Recast?

Recast transforms the consumption of digital content. It converts lengthy articles into rich audio summaries. It offers users a new way to engage with written material. The tool boosts convenient access to information. It can be on the go, during workouts, or as an alternative to traditional reading methods.

Users can listen to entertaining and informative audio conversations derived from articles. This eliminates the need to spend extensive time reading lengthy texts. The platform provides many avenues for integrating articles. Users can add their articles via the iOS app using the share sheet feature. They can also use the Chrome extension to recast articles from their browser.

The tool offers several benefits that improve users’ daily lives. The tool saves valuable time by delivering the essence of an article in a fraction of the time it would take to read it thoroughly. It promotes reduced screen time. This tool enables users to stay updated while performing daily tasks such as commuting or exercising. It also goes beyond mere summarization. It provides hosts with insights and explanations conversationally. This leads to a deeper understanding of the content.

Recast also fosters discovery by allowing users to explore articles recast by others. This thereby broadens their horizons and facilitates the filtration of information overload. The tool also helps in clearing cluttered reading lists and inboxes. It converts articles into accessible podcast conversations.

Key Features:

  • Audio Summarization

    Transform lengthy articles into engaging, easy-to-understand audio summaries using advanced AI technology.

  • Chrome Extension

    Click on the Chrome extension to instantly listen to articles without leaving your browser.

  • Built-In Audio Library

    Access pre-generated audio summaries within the Recast app for quick and informative listening.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard $9.99/mo $99.99/year

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