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Cryo Mix logo
June 10, 2024

Cryo Mix

Redefining audio production with AI-powered mixing and mastering wizardry.

What is Cryo Mix?

Cryo Mix is a revolutionary approach to music production. It is a cutting-edge AI-powered vocal mixing and mastering tool. The tool integrates AI with deep musical expertise to deliver unparalleled sound quality. The tool blends advanced technology with user-friendly features. It sets a new standard for audio production. This offers users an innovative solution for achieving professional-grade mixes and masters.

DynamicMix changes the mixing and mastering experience. It provides personalized audio processing tailored to each user’s unique sound. DynamicMix observes the user’s mixing habits, learns their preferences, and anticipates their needs. This results in a bespoke mixing experience that evolves with every track. It offers insightful suggestions for mixing settings and eases workflow. It automates tedious tasks and ensures consistency and quality across projects.

Users can expect effortless mixing and mastering for all styles and genres. The tool analyzes and refines tracks with unparalleled precision. This removes the complexities associated with vocal mixing. The platform gives professional-grade results. It works with Hip-Hop, Rap, Trap, Pop, and Funk.

The “Magic Touch” feature improves vocal mixes with a dynamic reverb effect. It detects and fills unwanted silences in recordings. This feature creates a professional and captivating vocal mix. Its advanced AI algorithms are always learning and evolving. Users can trust that their vocal mixes will always get the best treatment.

Key Features

  • AI Mixing:

    It uses AI to provide instant and reliable vocal mixing and mastering solutions.

  • Vocal Enhancement:

    Users can enhance vocal mixes with the innovative “Magic Touch” feature.

  • Beat Optimization:

    Fine-tune the rhythm and groove of your tracks with its Beat Optimizer feature.

  • Audio Separator:

    Separate and isolate individual elements within your audio tracks.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard ₹1999/mo
Premium ₹2999/mo ₹19999/year
Premium Plus ₹8099/mo

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