Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Data Transfer
    : Move data between applications in the correct format with a single click, eliminating the need for manual copying and pasting.
  • Lead Generation
    : Create lead lists from LinkedIn, streamlining the process of identifying and connecting with potential clients.
  • Data Integration
    : Transfer data from spreadsheets to ERP systems, ensuring data consistency and accuracy.
  • Content Generation
    : Automaited’s AI can generate text based on templates or specific requirements, making it easy to compose personalized emails, reference letters, and more.
  • Data Comparison
    : Compare text or data to ensure accuracy and detect critical changes in documents like contracts and financials.
  • Summarization
    : Automate the summarization and categorization of content, simplifying tasks like consolidating customer complaints and shortening meeting minutes.
  • Data Retrieval
    : The tool can fetch information from various sources, such as email addresses and news updates, enhancing automation processes with real-time data.


Automaited simplifies tasks, boosts productivity and eliminates manual errors for your team. Its automation abilities empower businesses to save time and simplify various processes. One of its primary use cases is data handling, enabling seamless data entry and transfer between applications. Say goodbye to switching between platforms and copy-paste errors. This tool creates lead lists from LinkedIn, converts emails into Jira tickets, and transfers data from spreadsheets to ERP systems. It excels in text generation, creating personalized emails, reference letters, and other written content based on templates or unique requirements. For quality assurance, it offers text and data comparison features. This provides data accuracy and identifies critical changes in contracts or financial documents. It also simplifies content summarization, making tasks like categorizing customer complaints or shortening meeting minutes easier. Automaited can fetch real-time data from various sources, such as email addresses and news updates, to enhance your automation processes.


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